The new Year’s anniversary of last year was a real success. We had a chance to party with the family. The frame was awesome. Welcoming atmosphere and good people, partying, funny and in huge numbers. The Restaurant Hotel Batca is located in Dragasani. Romania is beautiful. We have great locations.

If you haven’t thought about organizing your next event in another location, you can try this restaurant. We were served with 5 * Food and well-organized waiters. The table was always full and we were missing nothing. The bar was open all night with drinks, cocktails, carbonated drinks, water and drinks without alcohol.

People were going to race for the shots and the band well-chosen sang and was performing continuously. The band has had several performances, and the music is quality. In the photo below you have the link to the band.

The courtyard of the restaurant caught our attention. It’s beautiful, spacious and good for photo sessions. And the water that surrounds the location is a dream.

When the lights were out and the music sounded, everything was perfect, it was romantic and elegant. The whispers and caresses of lovers made the ambiance pleasant and worthy of a photograph.

People who didn’t like to dance watched from the entire balcony scene with dancers. You could admire the beauties and let yourself be driven by the glass of wine. The viewers were looking forward to the fireworks and the cake.

We had the pleasure of staying in the hotel. The rooms are spacious and restent. The silence surrounds you, and when you wake up in the morning you can get fresh air from the balcony. You can think about last night and analyze what happened to a coffee with your life partner.

You want a dream wedding? You can place everything here. You can have successful photo sessions and good food. Your guests can appreciate your effort.

You can enjoy the pool, a little party with your friends. Champagne to entertain you and water to quente the warm rays of the sun.

We expect your opinions if you have the opportunity to be here.