Have you tried to get away from it all? Don’t forget about yourself. If you’ve done that, get back to you for a few moments. Apply a mask on the hair, tone the skin, apply a mask on the face, moisturize the face, relax in a bath with foam, exfoliate the skin, epilate, moisturize and arrange the hair and finally make up.


The skin needs hydration, regeneration and refreshment. You have to make up in the evening and in the morning. So that your skin is clean and healthy. Reduces serum and eliminates daily makeup. That way your skin will always look healthy.

After cleaning you can sometimes apply a scrub. It removes impurities and dead skin. On a clean and moisturized skin the makeup you apply will last well and you are illuminated. Today on my pampering day I chose to make myself a home scrub. For the body I used one from the coconut oil trade. What did I use?:Cornstarch, baking soda, olive oil, sugar. Mix them and start exfoliating with circular movements, without being aggressive with the skin. After cleaning with a wet towel with warm water.

After this stage it tones the skin of the face. I used a product from the Simple range. And after this step you can add a moisturizing mask. For 20 minutes you can sit in the foam tub and think of nothing. Finally, you can apply a serum and a moisturizer. Let your products get into your skin and go to your special corner of make-up and make-up.

You can have a beautiful day with more confidence in yourself.

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